Why do accountants work online ?

The Netherlands is still full of accountants and administration offices that work in a traditional and old fashioned way while the world around them is changing rapidly. The digital age also affects the way of working and thinking for this profession. We have said goodbye to this old fashioned approach and are thinking ahead. We connect our services to an era of digitalization where everything is processed at a high pace with a high degree of automated processes. Mijnaccountant.online is an accounting firm that offers its services as the name suggests online. In this fast-paced modern world, we want to automate and digitize as much as possible. From administration to annual reports and tax returns to advice. We break the traditions by offering you financial service and using advanced software and tools that you can benefit from. Do you want your administration and financial statement up-to-date and accessible digitally and online? Communicate online with your accountant consultant? With us this can be done at competitive fixed prices because we work in an online environment and use the software and tools to efficiently perform our work without losing sight of quality.

Stop paying too much for an experience you won't get!

Our no-nonsense approach makes it possible for us to work at competitive fixed prices, so you don't have to expect any surprises from our invoice! Put your package together and compare the price with what you pay now.

Who is Mijnaccountant.online ?

Mijnaccountant.online is an initiative of Stephan van der Heijden, who has worked as an accountant at various mid-sized accounting firms since 1990 and as a founder / partner at a regional accounting firm. His years of experience in accountancy and his interest in the development within the digital age made him decide to put this way of working into practice in 2017.


Myaccountant.online has no physical office, our people work from their own trusted environment or upon request at the client's location.